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FactChecking the 11th GOP Debate · FactChecking the 11th GOP Debate. March 4, 2016. Claims by and about Donald Trump dominate our report.

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The CNN moderators aimed to get the Republican presidential candidates to go head-to-head in the second GOP debate and the contenders complied. Frontrunner Donald Trump and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got into verbal tussle over who had a worse fiscal track record. Walker charged that Trump had taken four projects into bankruptcy.

The fourth Republican presidential debate featured fewer candidates, but no shortage of factual missteps.. FactChecking GOP Economic Debate FactCheck.org. 11/11/2015.. FactCheck.org. 16 Sep.

Republican Donald Trump's immigration plan includes several statements that stray from the. August 11, 2015. FactChecking the GOP Debate, Late Edition.

FactChecking the 11th GOP Debate · FactChecking. The ads tie Republican House candidates to unpopular industries and an unpopular President. Some of .

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina seized her moment on stage at the Republican debate, launching a passionate attack against Democratic policies on abortion and Planned Parenthood. Fiorina.

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FactChecking the 11th GOP Debate. Claims by and about Donald Trump dominate our report. By FactCheck.org. Posted on March 4, 2016 | Updated on March 4, FactCheck.org. 19 Feb 2016.

Eugene Kiely is a journalist who has covered government and politics for more than 20 years. Prior to joining FactCheck.org, Kiely was a Washington assignment editor at USA TODAY, leading a team of reporters who focused on Congress, politics and government accountability.

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The first prime-time Republican presidential debate featured the top 10 candidates, according to polling, and they twisted some facts. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that "over 40 percent of.

FactCheck.org. Video: FactChecking October Debate Claims. Republicans have called the letter a “threat” to withhold support for aid to Ukraine, FactCheck.org Director Eugene Kiely appeared Oct. 11 on “Politics with Amy Walter,” a.

Fact checking the GOP debate. Bill Adair finds mixed results on the "truth-o-meter" as he fact checks the candidates’ statements from the 11th gop debate. nov. 23, 2011. Read More.

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