The Uncertainty Factor

Essentials of expressing measurement uncertainty. This is a brief summary of the method of evaluating and expressing uncertainty in measurement adopted widely by U.S. industry, companies in other countries, NIST, its sister national metrology institutes throughout the world, and many organizations worldwide.

Even when we do include future spending in the spending rule estimate, we do so with substantial uncertainty. If we don’t include it, we ignore a lot of risk. The value of the portfolio over time is.

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The uncertainty factor is a new way to express measurement uncertainty. It is especially applicable when the uncertainty is large (e.g., expanded relative uncertainty > 20%), which occurs in some analytical methods, and also when the uncertainty includes that arising from the primary sampling of highly heter Analytical Methods Committee Technical Briefs

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That is a — I think it is a combination of multiple factors, including the uncertainty that we are currently facing, as well.

Uncertainty factors are used to compensate for a deficiency in knowledge concerning the accuracy of test results and the difficulty in estimating the health effects in a different species and/or in different exposure conditions. As such, the value of the uncertainty factor depends on the nature of the toxic effect, the size and type of population to be protected, and the quality of the.

i,k] is the systematic uncertainty factor for a PWD i for the kth iteration due to mischaracterized PFOA transport in the unsaturated soil zone and groundwater aquifers within the groundwater catchment area of each PWD, so the PWD-specific uncertainty factor is applied during the time period when public water was a primary drinking-water source.

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Psychology Definition of UNCERTAINTY-AROUSAL FACTOR: with regard to psychological aesthetics, a reaction which shows autonomic response via a viewer to a work of art, in contrast to cortical stimulation. The

For an uncertainty factor that falls between 1 and 10, a factor of 3 is typically assigned, because 3 is the approximate logarithmic mean of 1 and 10, and the assumption is made that the uncertainty factor is distributed lognormally (EPA 1994).