Better Government Association spots Jesse White’s $11.5M taxpayer-funded tumble

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The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today announced support for a lawsuit brought by Guns Save Life challenging the Village of Deerfield, Illinois’ gun.

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Government agencies typically don’t communicate by phone or email or Facebook- they communicate by mail. And remember, you don’t have to pay money if you’ve really gotten a free government.

The House Committe on Transportation and Infrastructure Wednesday approved a bill that aims to facilitate better government leases to save money and strengthen oversight of federal construction.

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News Archives. All the news that has appeared on March 2, 2015. (Better Government Association / Chicago Sun-Times). 1,000+ California Educators Who Retired 2008-2012 Received a Taxpayer-Funded Salary in Addition to a Pension (Bonnie Eslinger / Bay Area News Group).

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The Better Government Association’s recent investigation into how the Jesse White Community Center and Fieldhouse located in White’s own 27th Chicago Ward was paid for is stunning. They found while White’s foundation ended up raising only $650,000, taxpayers in Chicago and Illinois covered the rest of the millions White failed to raise.

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Black Lives Matter is urging people not to buy holiday gifts from white run businesses Discussion in ‘race relations/racism’ started by basquebromance, Nov 29, 2017.

Obama blames problems in Europe, which have ‘washed over’ to U.S. President says he inherited problems when he entered the White House Asian markets plunge for another day, with Hang Seng down 5.7 per.

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The E-Gov Act includes a number of requirements for OMB and Federal agencies to ensure effective implementation of the Act. For example, the Act requires OMB to report on the management of the E-

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